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iOS apps not iPhone 6 Optimized



It’s been nine months since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ were released, and I still cannot believe that many apps have not been updated to be optimized for the new screen size.

I’m not even talking about small, one man operation apps. I’m talking about big companies, such as Walgreens, CVS, Bank of ¬†America, Fidelity, and Capital One.

I understand that optimization for iPhone 6 takes time, but I assume these companies have an entire department devoted to mobile development.

If you’re a iOS app developer and your app is not optimized for the iPhone 6/6+, get off your ass and get working, especially¬†if you charge for your app!

Just my rant.

Microsoft Surface 3


A few days ago, Microsoft announced their newest Surface tablet, a skimmed down version of the more popular Surface Pro tablet called the Surface 3.

I describe the Surface 3 as a skimmed down version because there are two noticeable changes in the two devices, and that is screen size and processor. The Surface Pro has a 12″ (2160×1440) screen while the Surface 3 has a 10.8″ (1920×1280) screen.

In addition, the Surface Pro comes with either the Intel Core i3 or i7 processor, while the Surface 3 comes with Intel’s new Atom x7 Processor (Atom Cherry Trail chip).

There are some other, less important noticeable changes, such as the Surface 3 weighing only 1.37lbs, versus the 1.76 lbs of the Surface Pro. Both have about 10 hours of battery life, and can support external displays. The Surface 3 is also available with optional built-in 4G LTE.

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