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Stranger Things

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Anyone who knows me knows that my top movie genres include horror, thriller and sci-fi. I’ll watch any movie in those genres, regardless how terrible the plot, acting or CGI is. Nevertheless, the movies that are being produced now-a-days miss one important feature: the nostalgic feeling that the movies from the 80’s brought to the screen that gave them the ability to command such large audiences, large following, and go down in history as classic movies.

Think back to those movies, such as ET, Halloween, and Poltergeist. These movies did more than just bring horror or sci-fi to the screen: they brought a capsule on how people lived & thought in the 80’s. It is this that makes these movies classic.

No doubt that the movies being produced today are big hits too – their plot and CGI brings us into a new world of moving making. But no matter how good that CGI is, no matter how good that acting is, and no matter how good the plot is, these films cannot replace the nostalgic feeling we get when we watch a movie from the 80’s.

Enter Stranger Things, a Netflix Original Series. Set in 1983, this film focuses on a small town where a young boy has gone missing and as his family and friends seek to find him, they uncover a secret experiment conducted by the government, an alternative world, and a creature with super powers. The first season, 8-episode, original film by Netflix had me hooked by the first episode. Not only does this Stranger ThingsĀ bring an original plot, it brings that 1980’s nostalgic feeling that I have missed. How does this show bring that feeling you ask? Simple. Props. I immediately recognized the clothes, the props, the house furniture, the language, the school setting, all of that is styled in a way that reminds me of the 80’s.

Season 1 ended recently and Netflix has announced that they renewed Stranger Things for a 9-episode season 2, which is expected to air in 2017.

In the meantime, I invite you to watch the trailer below for Season 1, and watch Season 1 in the interim.