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5 Reasons why Comcast Sucks



  1. They are rolling out 300GB DATA CAPS to all their customers. In some markets, for a “low” $30/mo., customers can be exempt from the data caps. What does this say? It says that data caps are NOT about network management/congestion issues, but about PURE greed to generate MORE revenue from customers by ripping them off.
  2. They openly admit to violating Net Neutrality but exempting their online streaming service from their data caps.
  3. They continually raise their prices every year while providing the same or LESS service (e.g. data caps).
  4. They have been accused of anti-trust issues (probably true).
  5. Comcast pulls networks from their lineup (such as the YES Network), yet consumers don’t see any price reductions (rather, price increases!).

It’s no wonder Comcast is one of the most disliked companies in the United States.

Comcast sucks.

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