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Comcast: The Big Scam Company



In my recent post (ok, not so recent), I highlighted five reasons why Comcast sucks, one of them being that they started rolling out a 300GB monthly data cap in limited “trial” markets (or as Comcast doesn’t want to admit — markets where little to no competition exists). I filed an FCC complaint and spoke with a representative at Comcast regarding my FCC complaint and she was totally lost and ill prepared to counter my complaints. Anyways, Comcast just announced that they are increasing the 300GB monthly data cap to 1TB for these “trial” markets (or as Comcast doesn’t want to admit — markets where now there is increase competition thanks to Google Fiber, or AT&T gigapower, or maybe because the FCC is catching on to their game).

This is good news right? WRONG. This is a huge scam. After they made the announcement, the Internet was flooded with positive comments. Ars Technica called it “A Comastic Miracle”. Sure, it’s great that Comcast is increasing the cap, but we shouldn’t rejoice. Remember, Comcast for many years had NO CAPS, and now they increased it to 1TB and we’re all lovey dovey over this. This is such a scam from Comcast. They condition customers to use the Internet freely and then hit them with a 300GB monthly cap. Then after customers are conditions to using 300GB, they hit them with an increase to 1TB and suddenly they are the good guys? NO!

Comcast is nothing but an anti-consumer and anti-competitive company that needs to be  broken up by the FTC and FCC.

5 Reasons why Comcast Sucks



  1. They are rolling out 300GB DATA CAPS to all their customers. In some markets, for a “low” $30/mo., customers can be exempt from the data caps. What does this say? It says that data caps are NOT about network management/congestion issues, but about PURE greed to generate MORE revenue from customers by ripping them off.
  2. They openly admit to violating Net Neutrality but exempting their online streaming service from their data caps.
  3. They continually raise their prices every year while providing the same or LESS service (e.g. data caps).
  4. They have been accused of anti-trust issues (probably true).
  5. Comcast pulls networks from their lineup (such as the YES Network), yet consumers don’t see any price reductions (rather, price increases!).

It’s no wonder Comcast is one of the most disliked companies in the United States.

Comcast sucks.

iOS apps not iPhone 6 Optimized



It’s been nine months since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ were released, and I still cannot believe that many apps have not been updated to be optimized for the new screen size.

I’m not even talking about small, one man operation apps. I’m talking about big companies, such as Walgreens, CVS, Bank of  America, Fidelity, and Capital One.

I understand that optimization for iPhone 6 takes time, but I assume these companies have an entire department devoted to mobile development.

If you’re a iOS app developer and your app is not optimized for the iPhone 6/6+, get off your ass and get working, especially if you charge for your app!

Just my rant.

Enough Said…

Must I explain? blocked my account

So I went to log into my account only to find it blocked. I sent them an e-mail and they replied with this:

Hello Sir/Madam,

As part of our security system, we regularly monitor activity in our mail system. We noticed a security issue regarding your account and have therefore limited access to your account until additional security measures can be completed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to assist us with this security check, we require identification to make sure the account is not being misused by phishing sites, spammers or similar groups.

You can send us a scan of your personal/company/student ID or driver’s license, personal or business website with proper contact information or social networking profiles containing valid information (Facebook, MySpace, etc).

Please forward your info to us via

Thank you.

Best regards,

Your GMX Te

How ridiculous!  The fact that they believe Facebook or MySpace is a legitimate way to verify someone’s identity! I do not feel comfortable sending a copy of my student or driver’s license to them.