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Comcast: The Big Scam Company



In my recent post (ok, not so recent), I highlighted five reasons why Comcast sucks, one of them being that they started rolling out a 300GB monthly data cap in limited “trial” markets (or as Comcast doesn’t want to admit — markets where little to no competition exists). I filed an FCC complaint and spoke with a representative at Comcast regarding my FCC complaint and she was totally lost and ill prepared to counter my complaints. Anyways, Comcast just announced that they are increasing the 300GB monthly data cap to 1TB for these “trial” markets (or as Comcast doesn’t want to admit — markets where now there is increase competition thanks to Google Fiber, or AT&T gigapower, or maybe because the FCC is catching on to their game).

This is good news right? WRONG. This is a huge scam. After they made the announcement, the Internet was flooded with positive comments. Ars Technica called it “A Comastic Miracle”. Sure, it’s great that Comcast is increasing the cap, but we shouldn’t rejoice. Remember, Comcast for many years had NO CAPS, and now they increased it to 1TB and we’re all lovey dovey over this. This is such a scam from Comcast. They condition customers to use the Internet freely and then hit them with a 300GB monthly cap. Then after customers are conditions to using 300GB, they hit them with an increase to 1TB and suddenly they are the good guys? NO!

Comcast is nothing but an anti-consumer and anti-competitive company that needs to be  broken up by the FTC and FCC.

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