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TiVo Season Pass Manager: Corrupt – Delete Me

If you transfer your TiVo Season Pass Manager from an existing TiVo to a new TiVo (TiVo’s website has a great tool that lets you easily transfer your SPM), you may notice a whole bunch of “Corrupt – Delete Me” on the website or in yTivo - Corrupted Entriesour TiVo App (click image to enlarge). Do not worry, the reason why you are seeing this is due to the fact that those specific shows are not scheduled to air within the next 14 days. When the show does air, your SPM will update with the correct title. Why TiVO worded it that way is confusing. At first, I went in and deleted the corrupted entries. But then I restored them again from the TiVO website and noticed that a few of them starting updating as the shows aired.

For those wondering, here is my SPM. Yes, I like Scifi shows. I’m not really into reality shows (click to enlarge).


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